Hi there, I’m Marius.
Aka TheChewer!

I’m a graphic designer living and working in Munich, Germany. When I’m not pushing pixels, I’m out exploring worlds in various video games. Sometimes I combine these two things. That’s when I create the stuff you will find here! Stay a while and listen.

01. Check out my designs

If a video game inspires me a lot, I will sit down and come up with a design that captures some of its aspects. Have a look!

02. Some more in depth looks

If you want insight on what my design process looks like, then look no further! It would be an honor, if you learn something new here!

03. Want to get in touch?

You want to talk about games and/or design or just want to say “Hi!”? PLEASE hit me up on Twitter, Intergram or even via Mail. I would love to get to know you!

See what they’re saying.

Some wonderful reactions from amazing people.

You always do an amazing job, dude!


English Localization at Capcom (Japan)

Love this! Goss’ design is amazing and I can’t wait to break that frozen claw


Monster | Hunter | Lord of the Duck Arts



Senior EMEA/ANZ Community Manager Capcom Europe

Definitely shows off the double nature of Goss Harag. Nice work!


Monster Hunter Researcher



Monster Hunter Content Creator

Love it!


Arekkz Gaming

Fantastic work, as you always do mate!


ANZ Content Creator + Community Manager at StreamElements